Cressi is a family owned company that creates premium water sports products for people that love the water and the sea. Cressi is a proud sponsor of worldrecordholding freedive Nanja van den Broek. They are very happy to put her in the highest quality products. Their priority is that everyone that uses a Cressi product, will [...]

Salt Magazine


The article in Salt Magazine was published in Dutch. A journalist got a in-water-coaching with the theme on how to train your willpower. The magazine published 10 tips on how to empower the power of your will. The conclusion of the article can be found through THIS LINK (Dutch) If you are interested in the [...]

Talk Omniversum


'Nanja van den Broek gave an inspirational lecture about her world record. Also Nanja spoke about her fascination for her favorite animal the shark and about the plastic pollution.' This lecture she gave an hour before the Dutch premiere of the movie "Great white shark". Several enthusiastic reactions followed at the end of the lecture.



Manuel Vanderbos is a Dutch presentator of the successful television-program Galileo. He challenged himself to hold his breath as long as possible and to see how deep he could come in a short time of practice.

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